Alcohol Delivery Is Here

UberEats, Doordash, and Postmates have brought food delivery to the majority of cities across the U.S. It’s now more normal than ever to get your McDonalds Big Mac delivered right to your door.

And now, with Saucey, you can get your alcohol delivered to your home.

What do they do?

Saucey provides delivers alcohol to your home without a fee. You can shop for white and red wines, beer, vodka, and whiskey. Saucey then delivers what you want in 30 minutes. Of course, you need to be 21 to order and they will scan your ID upon delivery.

No ID? No alcohol.

They currently offer 30-minute delivery for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento, and Oakland. They also offer a mixologist that can come to parties and events for you.

Why does it matter?

Saucey fills a void in the delivery business. UberEats, Doordash, and Postmates only seem to offer alcohol delivery if it’s purchased in addition to the food you order.

There are no minimums to have the alcohol delivered and you can even request a bag of ice to come with your order.

My Opinion

From reading reviews on the company, Saucey seems to deliver on their promise (no pun intended). However, I see a couple of issues:

  1. When delivering to parties, doesn’t the delivery person have to check everyone’s ID? At least in Illinois, even purchasing a case of beer with a friend will prompt the cashier to check both IDs before allowing the purchase. I can’t imagine loose rules when delivering to a party of 21 year-olds.
  2. Is there a benefit to using this service rather than picking up alcohol at the grocery store? Unless you’re buying 15 bottles of vodka for a Christmas party like Michael Scott, I don’t see why you wouldn’t just buy the alcohol while you’re picking up your snacks at the store.

It’s possible that Saucey is an every-now-and-then service that you spontaneously use when you decide to “Netflix and Chill”. If that’s the case, then I think the company will struggle a bit to make money.

I think Saucey would be better off with a subscription model. Users could subscribe to Saucey and have a case of beer or bottle of wine delivered at the same time every month. Kind of like a milkman…for alcohol…

You could also have the option to stick with the same brand or allow Saucey to switch it up for you and try new drinks.

I’m curious what you think of Saucey. Is it a viable solution to a common problem? Or is it an unnecessary alternative to purchasing alcohol at the grocery store?

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