An app to unite the urban tribes

An app created by two developers in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will allow urban tribes to map their location around the world. Meet the Orbis application, which can already be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, but will also be available for iPhone in the next few months.

Orbis was born with the idea of ​​mapping the meeting points of different urban tribes, promoting interaction and integration of the most different segments of society.

The app was inspired by maps from the era of discovery. One of the developers, Felipe Pires, is passionate about cartography, which led him to run online forums for collectors, before developing Orbis.

“The great attraction of the maps of the discovery period is that they did not have the world fully mapped, thus giving space to the human imagination of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to create the most diverse legends about lands and distant peoples, I think we still have mystery and discovery out there waiting to be mapped, that’s why we created Orbis” he says.

To undertake the development and startup, Felipe joined marketing specialist Anna Timoshenko.

The duo’s starting point was inspired by the famous map of 1570 by the Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius, the “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”.

“Orbis is a fun and dynamic way of mapping that allows users to navigate their region with the knowledge of what kind of social tribes frequent the places around them,” said Felipe.

The application was recently launched in Brazil, so the main activity of users is concentrated in this region, especially in Rio de Janeiro. You can find on the map of Rio and see the concept of the application below.

It works like this, once you sign up, you create a group or join an existing group.


Once you create or join a group, you can check in by pressing the button with the location symbol on the home page, which is also the map view.

This will get Google to fill in the places around you, you can also check in by GPS or create a place you can not find on the list.

After you check in to a place with your group, you will be directed to the map view, where you will see the circle with the symbol of your group showing the place where you just checked in.

This circle on the map marks the territory of your group. If there are more check-ins in this place, the circle will inflate, and if the days go by without someone checking in at that place, the circle will wilt until it disappears. The groups also compete to have the highest number of check-ins in one place and thus “conquer them”. This can be seen on the site page where the group that owns the site has the majority percentage of frequency. Circles created by more recent check-ins when leaning on older check-ins circles diminish the same, thus creating the system of territorial dispute of urban tribes.

The groups you enter or create have a full set of features, such as news feed (so you can post photos, texts, and videos), locations belonging to the group, events calendar, members. You can check it by clicking on the group name.

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