This might be the perfect gift for loved ones.

Buying gifts can be a pain. The overwhelming options mixed with the pressure of screwing up and getting your loved one something they hate. Aura Frames might just solve that problem.

The company creates smart frames that offer unlimited storage. Users can upload high-def photos from the Aura Frames app and change the picture within the frame with a wave of their hand.

But the cool thing about Aura Frames is their unlimited storage space. App users can take a picture and upload it to the frame, whether it’s in their house or a loved one’s and the frame owner can see the new image as long as they’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Smart frames aren’t exactly new, but Aura Frames offer sleek designs that fit in almost any room in your house or apartment. They just released a Walnut frame which looks really high-quality.

Limited Edition Walnut Frame: $399

The Walnut frame (pictured above) retails for $399. They also offer a Modern frame which comes in Stardust or Slate. For those of you who want to gift an Aura Frame, you can include pictures before your loved one actually opens the gift, which creates an even better gifting experience.

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