We all want to read but always seem to have trouble finding the time. Thankfully, there are some companies looking to make that a bit easier for us. Blinkist is one of them.

How does it work?

The company has experts take highlights from bestselling nonfiction books and place them into audio recordings for you to listen to at your leisure. Each recording is approximately 15 minutes and Blinkist lets you choose from over 3,000 titles. Categories include leadership, business, finance and investing, and A LOT more.

The app currently has over 9 million users and isn’t stopping. After browsing the website I can see why. Users can listen to audio recordings offline and most of the titles help you excel in some aspect of your life.

How much does it cost?

Blinkist is pretty cheap for the value you get. They offer two pricing plans:

  1. $7.49/month billed annually which comes out to be $89.99
  2. $14.99/month billed monthly

The monthly plan lets you cancel at any time. With either plan, you can access any book of your choosing and all of the amazing features.

You can also sync highlights to your Evernote account or send reads to your Kindle.

I’m a huge reader and I love companies that are creating new ways to enjoy books. I was never able to jump in with those who could read from an iPad or Nook Book. I always enjoyed reading from a physical book. However, physical books and even reading from an iPad has limitations. Audio books, especially condensed ones like Blinkist that include top highlights and takeaways, are a great way to present content.

Listening to a book during your commute could provide you with some time to learn while driving. With Blinkist, you could technically get through 3 books (assuming an average commute time of 45 minutes) on the way to work and then another 3 on the way back.

6 books a day? Sign me up.

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