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Elucd, the startup backed by Y Combinator in their s2017 batch, is using data to measure how residents feel about the safety in their cities.

Cities participating in the program are given a sort of “credit score” which tracks a neighborhood’s safety, trust, and satisfaction.

The company uses mobile ads to ask residents’ opinions on vital issues. Most of those issues revolve around safety and their trust in local police.

The data is then shared with city leaders who can then develop strategies for improvement.

Y Combinator’s current CEO, Michael Siebel shared in a TechCrunch article that Elucd is “a less expensive and more accurate form of polling.”

What I love about this is that it creates accountability for police. There just aren’t enough tools (aside from social media) that provide officers with statistical data on their performance.

Providing police and city leaders with such a detailed look into where city’s need improvements is a great first step towards solving a big problem that impacts hundreds of people every day.

City leaders who want to request a demo can do so on their website by filling out a simple form.

What’s your opinion on Elucd? Is it a step in the right direction or a waste of time for police?

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