shows Greo app and explanation

Greo is a social networking app that is trying to bring civility back to online discussions. Brandon Hill, Elizabeth Davis, and Tre Kirkman started the company after graduating from Stanford.

How does it work?

Users can create a video recording of themselves that lasts up to 60 seconds. The topic of discussion can be anything you have an opinion on. Whether it’s the last episode of Game of Thrones or current events. After you upload your recording, other users can respond with a video of themselves commenting on your opinion.

Greo also offers something called TLDR which allows your to save, categorize, and quickly share articles you come across each day. If that wasn’t enough, a feature called STASHE lets you share articles with your friends with “lightning speed.”

Why does it matter?

There is definitely an issue surrounding online discussion. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. People hide behind their usernames and (sometimes) anonymous accounts so they say whatever they want without much recourse.

Greo is trying to create some accountability by connecting what people say to their actual faces.

I think Greo is on to something but I don’t think the model is sustainable. As soon as people start to flock to the app and get comfortable with recording themselves, they’ll go right back to using hurtful language. At the end of the day, users will still be behind a phone screen separated by possibly hundreds or thousands of miles.

Additionally, the entire concept of discussing politics and current events with strangers is a bit odd. I think it’s something that happens by accident on social media platforms but not something people would want to do on purpose.

Can you imagine yourself getting home from a long day at work and hopping on an app to debate a stranger’s opinion on politics?

Me either.

I believe there is room for a social media app that helps create safe spaces for individuals, I just don’t think this is the one.

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