Yoshi (no, not the Nintendo character) is bringing car services to your driveway. The company backed by ExxonMobil and General Motors allows you to schedule weekly gas deliveries so you don’t have to take any more trips to the gas station.

With the Yoshi service, you can also schedule car washes and oil changes to be done at your own house; completely eliminating the need to go to a gas station and car repair shop.

For as low as $16 a month, you can get the lowest-priced gas within 2 miles, gas rebates, and 24/7 text-based customer service.

The cool thing about Yoshi is their membership format. After opting-in to Yoshi services, you’ll receive per-gallon discounts on gas deliveries.

Yoshi currently operates across the country. From D.C. to Los Angeles, Yoshi takes care of your car for a low cost.

The only downside I can see to using Yoshi is the fact you need to be at home for them to deliver the maintenence. I would never give a company my garage code and trust them to back my car out into the driveway for me.

I think Yoshi is more geared towards upper-middle-class and wealthy Americans who can afford a premium service like this. The idea is very cool, although I can’t say I’ll be signing up until I start making six figures. Even then, I’m not sure I mind a 3-minute trip to the gas station.

What do you think? Comment below if you’d use Yoshi.

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