How To Generate Your Next (Unique) Business Idea

Entrepreneurship is on the rise and everyone wants a piece of the action. From teenagers in high school to fathers working full-time jobs, everyone is thinking about how to create the next big thing.

The issue is that business ideas don’t come easy. We’re often faced with mental roadblocks that stop us from having our lightbulb moment. Perhaps even more frustrating is when you finally think of an idea and you find that a company is already doing it…and they’ve been funded.

So how do you come up with unique ideas that match your skillset, are financially feasible, and don’t require connections?

How To Start Something Impactful

By impactful I don’t mean saving the manatees or solving world hunger. It just needs to be something that solves a problem.

So how do you figure out what problem you want to solve?

Use the 3-Strike Method. I developed this to help discover business ideas I’d want to solve without getting overwhelmed.

Starting today, take notes every time a problem occurs.

Stub your toe? Jot it down.

Stuck in traffic? Jot it down.

Lose your phone? Jot it down.

Every time that problem occurs more than once over the course of a week, it gets another strike (tally).

At the end of the week, if you have any problems listed with 3 strikes, it’s something you need to take action on. Some problems will occur 5 or 10 times. If that’s the case, start with the problems that have the most tallies and work backward.

The Business

Now here’s the tricky part. Getting stuck in traffic 5 times a week isn’t fun, but that doesn’t mean your idea needs to get rid of cars on the road. If you stub your toe 3 times a week that doesn’t mean you need to create something that stops people from ever stubbing their toe again.

The purpose is to find ways to simply alleviate those nuisances in your life. For example, getting stuck in traffic would be a lot better if there was a humorous or interesting podcast to listen to. Your marketing strategy (at least at the beginning) could be geared towards commuters. Anchor is a great way to start your own podcast and all you’d need is your phone!

If you’re not a podcast kind of person, you could consider creating a blog where people submit their craziest road rage stories. The blog could then branch out into a YouTube channel where people can send you videos of them seeing or experiencing road rage.

Whatever idea you find interesting that simultaneously solves a problem, it’s important to understand it’s not going to be perfect.

Twitter started off as a text messaging app that was going to be called “Friendstalker”.

Tiffany & Co. was originally selling silverware.

HASBRO originally sold remnants of textiles.

Colgate originally sold soap and candles.

Abercrombie & Fitch was going to sell sporting goods.

The point is that you need to be passionate about what you’re building. It’s nearly impossible to put effort into something unless you care about it. Solving problems you experience frequently help you find that passion and stay motivated.

Regardless of what you start, you can always pivot or add on to your existing business. Start with a problem you want to solve and find the best way for you to alleviate that problem.

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