amazon go business website is creating an autonomous store for retail companies. The company claims to provide a better experience for shoppers after every visit by picking different products for them over time.

Although the machines’ functionality resembles that of vending machines, they offer a bit more of a selection. The user can pick from yogurt, milk, sandwiches, salads, and other snacks.

To access the kiosk, you can tap your credit card or use their mobile app. Upon return, the kiosk will use its advanced algorithm to determine a (possibly) better option for you.

I see one of the benefits of this being that, aside from the wider variety of food & drink, the ability to look at the products in greater detail before buying. This is in contrast with the current vending machine experience where your food is locked behind the window until you take the $1.25 plunge and it’s dispensed. is currently in two locations, both being in WeWork in Singapore.

The company also boasts a 24/7 accessibility feature which allows employees working late access to their midnight snacks.

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