Create a ‘delightful’ experience for your app’s users

What is Meteoritic?

Meteoritic is an animation delights platform for iOS and Android apps.

Meteoritic helps apps increase user engagement and improve user experience by establishing an emotional connection with users.

Cross-platform APIs integrates with key touch points in an app to play screen effects and animations when the user triggers said actions.

Meteoritic offers different animations and effects that suit different apps and different functions.

Why do delights matter?

How do you design your app with the right amount of delights? How do you provide your user-base with positive emotions?

Adding animation feedback and delights can be a great way of establishing an emotional connection with your user-base. Adding the right touches in the right places are key to that rewarding feeling.

How to create a delightful experience

Having a well-designed user journey map helps you identify key touch points that can benefit from delightful animations. These animations are great in establishing an emotional connection with your users as well as help increase user engagement. Set clear goals that you want to reach, test different approaches and see how they work. Optimize your approaches to make your user experience free from friction.


Beta key features

  • You can add multiple apps to your account free of charge.
  • Premade themes and animations that suit different use case scenarios.
  • Cross-platform API’s that works on both Android & iOS.
  • See analytics about how users engage with different functions.
  • Activate/Deactivate different animations right from the dashboard.

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