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As a service business, it can be tough creating content for social media. After all, there isn’t much you can post.

To add to that, you probably know you should be posting on three-to-four platforms several times a week.

Let’s face it, staying competitive as a service business poses a lot of marketing challenges. However, there is a way you can grow all of your social media accounts while simultaneously growing as a content creator.

It requires work, but it’s easier than trying to think of unique content for each platform.

The Satellite Strategy

Essentially, your goal is to create one long, informational piece of content that you’ll post to your website blog. If you don’t have a blog on your website, that needs to change in 2019!


After creating that long piece of content, you’ll pick pieces of it to post on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The format will have to be different for each post, but the content should stay the same. Here are my suggestions for formatting your blog post for each platform:

LinkedIn: People on LinkedIn don’t mind long articles showing up on their feed. You just need to make sure it’s informative and relatively engaging.

Medium: Medium is a growing website dedicated to hosting your own blog for free. Cater your post to be informative and somewhat eccentric if you can.

Facebook: Longer posts on Facebook are okay, but you should trim down your post by about 25% of whatever length you posted on LinkedIn. There’s a different type of crowd on Facebook, and they don’t always like long articles clogging up their feeds.

Twitter: Take two or three points from your article and share them here. After you tweet those two or three things, share a link to the original post on your website and include a free, unlicensed stock image. You can get some from Unsplash or Pexels. Make sure you space out your tweets during the day to get the highest likelihood of profile engagement.

Again, it’s important not to change the content. You need to be consistent across all of your platforms. The point of catering the content is to make sure you’re posting content people can easily engage with.

Rinse & Repeat

Driving traffic to your social media takes time. It’s also a two-way street that requires you to engage with other people, not just expect them to flock to your profile.

The Satellite Strategy simplifies the content-publishing process and forces you to be consistent across all of your platforms; something your followers will appreciate.

As you write future posts, you ’ll start to adapt to creating content that will be broken up into pieces. This will eliminate “fluff” and you’ll focus more on having concise points in your long content.

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