Startup Submissions

Content We Like:

  • Startup stories: Have you been working out of a garage for 4 months? Your bedroom? Have you been eating ketchup sandwiches? We want to know! Include pictures if you can! It’ll be something great to look back on when your company makes it and see what life was like.
  • Failure: More so, what you learned from failure. When you’re building a startup, failure is bound to happen. How did you bounce back and overcome obstacles that stood in your way?

Before You Submit:

  • Please include a 1-2 line personal description and your Twitter handle. We’ll include this in your post upon approval.
  • Make sure to include a link to your website and the contact email for someone to answer additional questions (if needed) about your startup.
  • Address why the average person will find your startup useful. Sell the reader on why they should sign up for your beta, use your service, or purchase your product.
  • Include any high definition images you’d like us to include in the post. Keep it at a maximum of 5 images.

Please send your startup summary to in the body of an email.

After You Submit:

  • Posts are usually added to the website within 24 hours.
  • We have the right to make any editorial changes for grammar and overall structure. By sending us your article, you agree to this.
  • We’ll probably tweet the article for our followers to see. If we really like it, we might add it to the weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here as we won’t tell each founder whether their startup/founder made it on.
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