What is tefter.io?

It’s a bookmarks manager. One that works; everywhere. One where you are not the product, but it’s still free to use.

Tefter is currently in beta, accepting sign-ups, where you can get a pro account by applying a promo code provided for Founder’s Choice readers. Click here to sign up with that code.

So what’s different about Tefter?

Pages you bookmark get their content indexed and automatically annotated, and the search function works like a charm.

Tefter has absolutely no ads or annoying notifications.

It’s privacy-focused, meaning that nothing is ever shared without your consent and all of your data can be exported with a couple of clicks.

There are plenty of ways to organize your bookmarks in lists, weekend reads or favorites. You may also attach your notes to bookmarks, or like bookmarks people you follow have shared.

You can follow feeds, like for example ~theverge to stay up to date with the latest news.

Finally Tefter’s heavily working on group collaboration capabilities.

Don’t hesitate to sign up, import your bookmarks from either pocket, pinboard or any browser.

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