The fastest business card experience ever

In recent years, hundreds of apps have tried to digitalize the business card experience. Many of them had traction, but in most cases, no one was actually hanging around long enough. In many cases, both parties needed an app, or it took too long to find the right app. Apps alone simply can’t replace the physical gesture that makes people stick.

What if you could have a physical card that people can scan with their phone in two seconds. A card that is re-programmable depending on where you are going, is incredibly easy to use and keeps your information safe. And most importantly, that prevents people from giving us a paper card back. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Let’s go into the details. After you log in, you control your Cardify Tap card from a sleek application. You can see who scanned your card and who shared their information with you. From this app, you can create multiple virtual cards to assign to your physical card. This card is a sturdy plastic card available in dark blue or light grey.

When you meet someone, just tap your card on their NFC phone and they can process your information instantly without having to download a single app or even sign in. Each time your card is scanned, the recipient is given the opportunity to share their information with you immediately. You can add reminders so you can search for them later.

And there’s more. Cardify is working on multiple GDPR-compliant CRM integrations that make lead processing even easier and save you tons of time.
Because of the high demand, Cardify has launched a waiting list to get into the (currently) free app. The cards will be sent to customers all over the world this spring. There is a launch promotion running until June 1st to get your card completely free.

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