Split monthly payments between friends

Paying for services you share like rent, electric, or Netflix can be a pain when you’re stuck with one person paying the bill. YSplit has created a way for people to be charged separately for the same bill.

After you sign up for YSplit you’re given a digital card that’s accessible from your phone. You can add people you’ll be splitting payments with to the card and then determine how much each person will spend per service each month.

When it comes time to pay up, everyone is charged separately and equally so you no longer have to worry about fronting any expenses.

Another cool feature YSplit offers is the ability to lock your virtual card so only approved merchants can charge it. If there are any attempts to use your locked card, the transaction will be rejected.

I think YSplit is something a lot of us have been waiting for. Whether it’s rent, a car payment, or splitting the cable bill with the wife, it eliminates the need to Venmo someone every month for four different payments.

I could see Venmo or Zelle adopting this type of technology to include in their apps. It’s much-needed and something a lot of people would find useful.

Let me know in the comments if you’d consider splitting your monthly bills with YSplit.

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